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Pigging – range of application

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Pigging Technology – Savings potential also for your processes!

+ Primary
  • Full exploitation of the production without any losses
  • Small batches without losses
  • Quick product change
  • No mixing phases
  • Less numbers of pipelines (reduced investment costs)

+ Secondary

  • Avoiding of sediments in pipeline
  • Up to 90% less use of rinsing media
  • Longer cleaning agent service life
  • Lower degree of waste water contamination
= Result
  • Increase in efficacy
  • Short payback periods

M&S offers individual solutions designed to cater to specific needs:

The M&S pigging system encompasses all fittings and components required for the construction
of a piggable process line.
Depending on the product and/or process, components from the BASE//LINE program can
be supplemented with fittings from the PRO//LINE and HY//LINE segments.


Single way and shuttle systems for simple applications
such as meat, confectionery or baked goods, drink and
tobacco, etc.


Single way and shuttle systems as CIP/SIP capable
models for foodstuffs such as dough, meat emulsion,
dairy products, cosmetics and special fibrous or bulky


As inline station for single way and shuttle systems in
CIP/SIP execution, pig permanent in product flow, for
beverages, foodstuffs and cosmetics

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